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Glare Sanchez

ISR San Antonio Instructor

Glare Sanchez grew up on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Throughout her career, teaching others was her number one forte. Since her early years, Glare enjoyed water sports like swimming, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, and boating among other water sports that are part of the main activities the Islanders and its visitors enjoy. For the Islanders, learning to swim at a young age is imperative. It is also a very important part of the island culture. She graduated as an engineer but left the work life to become a stay at home mom when her son, Noah, was born.

Glare first experienced ISR with her son at the age of one. It was at that moment her passion to enable kids with survival skills in the water began. As a result, she became a swimming teacher and later a certified ISR Instructor.
Now, Glare’s goal is to give moms an additional layer of security by equipping their young ones with unique water survival skills that help them stay safe while enjoying the water. You can contact her at g.sanchez@infantswim.com

Laura Kokesh

Swimming with Coach Laura

Coach Laura is a professional childcare provider and swim coach. She has been swimming competitively since age 7 and is currently swimming with the Alamo Area Masters Team. She was a manager in the hotel industry for 20 years prior to forming her own business, so exceptional customer service is a top priority for her. She designs her lessons specifically to your goals and meets you where you are with your comfort and skills. Her class size does not exceed two students – enough to create a team atmosphere while still paying close attention to individual needs and progress. She has been coaching since 2007 with several local programs, and now she is using her strong background to create the highest quality lesson experience for swimmers of all ages and skill sets. Coach Laura comes highly recommended and has many references available because she provides such a unique and rewarding training experience.

Coach Laura will be your ONLY coach (unlike most swim schools who assign you multiple instructors), so she will be familiar with your progress, your goals, your success, your challenges – everything that encompasses your personalized swimming experience. This is a huge contributing factor to her ability to help you meet your goals so quickly.

A couple years ago, MySwimPro featured her in this motivational blog:

She has since met many of her goals and looks forward to helping you meet yours! She can be contacted at (210) 488 4874 or at laura.kokesh@gmail.com

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